Netflix thriller You; New season and predictions

Grace Feldbush, Social Media/Event Coordinator

     Season three of Netflix show You premiers October 15, 2021. Students predict results for the upcoming season.  

      “I thought the end of Season two was extremely thrilling and made me look forward to the next season,” Senior Sara Puig says. She believes main character Joe will fall in love with a different psychopath in the next season once he kills season two love interest Love.  

      “I love Love and Joe together and thought they worked so well together,” Puig states. As much as she shipped Love and Joe, she ships Beck and Joe together much more and thinks “Beck should have never been locked up like she was,” she says.  

      Puig thinks she relates to Love because she is “Optimistic and oblivious a lot of the time.” She explains she never expected Joe to kill Beck in season one, and wonders if it will happen to Love as well. She does not think Love will stay around much longer because of Joe’s history with murder.  

      “I feel the most sympathy for Joe because I think he needs help and doesn’t know how to reach out,” Puig states.  

     Junior Riley Stewart explains she did not expect the end of the last season, with Joe looking into somebodies’ yard, but “It definitely fit because what else would Joe be doing.” She explains she is excited for the new season and hopes Love and Joe do murders together. “Maybe they will even have a kid that can tag along on their murders,” Stewart says.  

      “I am obsessed with Joe and Love together, I love how they are both sick and twisted and I think they are such a good duo,” Stewart says. She says she loved Beck from season one, but Joe needs, “A chaotic psychopath like Love.”  

      “I thought in the end they would turn over a new leaf with a new beginning, I was surprised to see them spying on people already,” Stewart says.  

     Senior Vance Haire also enjoyed this show. Haire says he loved the end of season two and thought the cliff hanger let the audience think. “I feel like the person through the fence in the backyard could be someone who had a connection with Beck,” Haire states his prediction.  

     Haire believes that if this mystery person does have a connection with Beck, this will cause Joe to see Beck’s ghost even more than he did in season two. “This could be Joe’s life at jeopardy since they might know a thing or two about Joe killing Beck in season one,” Haire explains.  

     Haire thinks Love and Joe are the perfect match because of their perfectly aligned personalities. “I also like, weirdly, how they are both psychopaths, the fact that Love killed somebody for Joe’s safety shows how much she cares for him,” Haire says.  

     Even though Haire was a fan of Love and Joe, he had his doubts with Beck. He believed Beck and Joe’s relationship and connections were artificial. He is glad that chapter for Joe is behind him and thinks that Joe and Beck’s relationship could be a reason for Joe’s psycho behavior worsening on into season two.  

     “What stuck out to me was when Joe and Love first met Joe was trying so hard to stay out of relationships and talk to nobody, but Love was clinging to Joe and he enjoyed that,” Haire says. He believes Joe and Loves relationship was authentic and enjoyed watching them blossom as a couple.  

     Haire states the most surprising plot twist was “definitely when Love killed Delilah.” He was surprised first, that Delilah was killed in the cage. Second, Love did it and he “expected Joe to do it but the fact Love killed Delilah for Joe’s sake showed me how perfect they are together.”  

     Haire hopes for Love and Joe, to remain together in season three. He believes there will be plenty of conflict between them but hopes they work it out together.