Running people to broke; Buying healthy food

Everyone needs to eat to survive. But it’s not always easy to make good dietary choices. Why? Healthy food is significantly more expensive. 

     University of Drexel reported that they found that, “on average, healthier perishable foods were nearly twice as expensive as unhealthy packaged foods.” Food should be affordable to everyone. Especially healthy food. Everyone deserves healthy food. 

     People shouldn’t have to worry about whether they can afford food that’s healthy for them. That should be the last of their worries. They should be worried about their jobs, taxes, school, etc. 

     Unhealthy food is less expensive so people are going to buy it more. Buying tons of unhealthy food all your life is going to lead to terrible eating habits and health problems.

     Everyone should have equal chances to buy food that’s good for them and food that isn’t. This isn’t saying that everyone has to eat healthy but everyone should have the choice to pick and it should be equal. 

     The cost of Greek plain nonfat yogurt sold at Target costs $3.69. While the cost of Yoplait original strawberry is $.69 at Target. All healthy food is mostly like this compared to poor food. 

     Fast food restaurants are everywhere. In America there are 197,653 fast food restaurants in 2021 according to IBIS World. Fast food is cheap and affordable for everyone. It’s also convenient. 

     Processed food is slowly taking over. Healthy food is getting more expensive while all the unhealthy food is being pushed out more and is cheaper. 

     The cheapness of the food is making it so more people buy it, and when that happens the companies get more money which lets them produce more of their food. Grocery stores are going to want to sell these products that are doing good so they get more money. 

     A lot of things aren’t fair but the choice of eating food that is good for you should be fair.

     This isn’t about judging how people eat. It’s complaining about the cost of healthy food. People who don’t want to spend their extra money on good food shouldn’t have to. 

     It’s the healthy food in grocery stores or any stores that you buy to eat better for your body that are so expensive. 

     Food should be something that is available to everyone, which it is. But the food that’s very available is poor for you and is made from terrible ingredients. The healthy food that’s more expensive is the food that should be available for everyone, everywhere.