Grace Feldbush, Social Media/Event Coordinator

70% said yes. 30% said no. out of 160 people. 

Do aliens exist?  


Celina Rivas, senior- “I was sitting at the red light the other day and I could see the light orb moving off the light.”  

Vance Haire, senior- “Earth isn’t the only planet with life.”  

Valorie Radel, junior- “We can’t possibly be the only life in the solar system, and how else would we explain how the pyramids were built.”  

 Madlyn Rutch, junior – “Because it was in American Horror Story.” 

Haley Shoemaker, senior- “We can’t just be the only living beings in the universe. They may not look like what we think they look like but they still have to exist.” 

Kaitlyn Buchanan, senior- “The universe is so large that it is not possible that there isn’t more forms of life somewhere.” 


Jessica Dudok, senior- “There is no real proof.”