Youtuber, singer follows heart, expresses herself through songs

Grace Feldbush, Social Media/Event Coordinator

    Senior Jessica Dudok has started up her own YouTube channel and posted her first video on February 17, 2019l. She now has 1140 subscribers. She also enjoys writing and singing songs and hopes to continue her passion for music going forward.  

    Dudok started her YouTube channel because she loves making videos and thought it would be fun. She explains she has tried lots of various kinds of videos. She has decided to stick mostly with lifestyle, Christian, and challenge videos because that is what her audience likes best.  

    The twelfth grader explains she focuses on creating videos her audience enjoys which helps her continue to grow her channel. She says she does not think she will do it long term but will go back to her channel periodically to remember things from her past.  

    “A lot of my parents’ friends and others come to my channel because of the covers and songs I post and then they end up subscribing,” Dudok says. She explains she loves mixing her regular content with music to keep the audience on their feet.  

    Dudok explains she wants to keep writing songs whenever she can because she has “always loved singing.” She says it has an incredibly special place in her heart. She explains she loves singing with her friends and plans on auditioning for the worship team at her church eventually.  

    “I have been singing since I was a little kid and my parents used to always say I would go on American Idol, but I definitely never see that happening,” Dudok says. She says she plays the ukulele and has tried playing the guitar as well as the piano but it has never really stuck.  

    Dudok says her parents have been her biggest supporters throughout the process. She says, “They ask me about videos and are always wanting me to sing and I love the way that they care.” She explains they want her to sing whether it is just them or in front of a group.  

    Dudok says worship singers have also inspired her and, “that when I sing to give my praise to God instead of glorifying myself because he gave me the voice to sing.” She says watching YouTube growing up also inspired her to start her channel because she already loved creating videos so why not post them?