Euphoria tackles tough topics; Teens find solace in new season

Zendaya on the cover of season twos cover photo.
Season two release date is on January 9 2022

Zendaya on the cover of season two’s cover photo. Season two release date is on January 9 2022



     Season two of Euphoria starring Zendaya as Rue is being released on January 9, 2022. Euphoria follows Rue, a high school student, played by Zendaya along with other classmates as they navigate relationships, drug addiction, and the world of social media. 

     Season one was released on June 16, 2019. After three years of waiting, the second season was announced on Euphoria’s social media along with some actors that star in the show posted the trailer on their own social media.

     The cast includes Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, and others. Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, plays Rue’s love interest in the show. Jacob Elordi is a popular high school boy with abusive tendencies and anger issues.

     Junior Isabella Southard said, “I am excited to see where the plot goes [in the new season]. It’s so detailed and there are several problems happening at once, which keeps it [the plot] interesting.”

     Southard expects that there will be a lot of character development this season “I think a lot of things will happen that we didn’t expect whatsoever as all the characters’ identities seem to have changed  based on the trailer.” She also said, “I would love to see Nate change. I also can’t wait to see Rue. She seems better with her addiction […] but like we saw in season one she can relapse at any time.”

     Junior Piper Wright said, “I have a good feeling that Rue is going to relapse back into drugs because at the end of season one it’s a scene of her doing drugs again and it turns into a music video for the song “All For Us.” Which I believe might be her overdosing again.”

      Wright also added, “I would like to see Cassie and Maddy find their worth and stop letting boys control their life and be able to stand up for themselves.” In the previous season Maddie and Cassie are both in toxic relationships Wright hopes that in season two these characters will find their worth.

     Soon after the first season came out many makeup artists like Madi Bernard created Euphoria themed makeup tutorials that were posted on youtube. These looks also became popular on the app TikTok. These looks consisted of glittery eye shadow, gems, and lots of purples, blues, and pinks.     

     Just a month after season one of euphoria was released, season two was confirmed for a second season. Fans have been waiting for the new season. Both Wright and Southard said they were excited for the second season to finally come out.