Jarrettsville carnival back in town; Locals enjoy food, friends, fun

noel bailey, Reporter


     The Jarrettsville Lions Club Carnival was back in town from May 6 to May 14.The carnival is a staple for Jarrettsville and the kids who live around the area, and  its arrival was earlier than usual this year since it usually happens in June.   

   “Everyone from Harford County goes,” sophomore Ivan Juarez says. The carnival had a selection of rides this year including the Avalanche as a returning ride from last year along with bumper cars, Scrambler, the Surf Shack,  a fun house, Bear Affair, UFO Area 51, Navy Seal, the merry go round, and hip hop. 

     There were food options available for those who were looking for snacks, dinner, lunch, or dessert, including three food trucks and included things like funnel cake, burgers, popcorn, fries, soft serve ice cream, lemonade, etc. “Hanging out with friends and eating their food” are Juarez’s favorite parts of the fair. 

     The games were back again this year. People were winning stuff animals and new pet fishes left and right. “Trying to win a goldfish,” sophomore Preston Web says, was his favorite part. The fish were won at a game where you had to get a ping pong ball into a glass jar. The water gun games were there along with a basketball game.

     Juarez has been going to the carnival for the past eight years. Sophomore Timothy Morrow has gone to the carnival for the past three years and “a lot of people seem to like it” Morrow says. Juarez has been going to the carnival for the past eight years. While Morrow doesn’t ride rides, he still goes to “have fun and hang out with friends.”