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Gym-juries don’t happen often but when they do it usually results in laughter and are tragic according to sophomore Jacob Quigg. His personal experience regarding a gym injury was definitely a memory in  which he will always remember.

Quigg was never someone for injuries, however, one time when he was participating in floor hockey, he was sprinting towards the puck. “All I saw was the goal and the puck and I wanted to score,” commented Quigg. When chasing after the hockey puck, he suddenly came to a halt and was rammed by an opponent on the other team. “He came out of nowhere,” he stated and was left with not a goal, but instead a bruise on his right hip.

“A bruise is a total gym-jury which we have all experienced but sometimes it leads to a bit more,” says Jack Gibbons. “One time when playing badminton, I remember getting whipped across the hand from a badminton racket. The pain was excruciating and led to my hand bleeding,” he announced. “How hard do you need to hit a birdie to the point you make my hand bleed?” said the sophomore.

Beyond cuts and bruises, other injuries in PE are possible,  Emily Hunter explains.

“All I can say is I remember twisting my ankle in tsegball. Are tsegball injuries even a thing?” said Hunter. “One time while playing tsegball, my team had made the final goal and we won. Shortly after we won, I jumped up to celebrate and got my foot stuck in the net. This led to me twisting my ankle,” Hunter commented. “It was all worth it if we had won,” she stated.

Self-inflicted gym-juries are never as surprising as an injury caused by another person. Meghan Bundick experienced a sharp pain for over a day in her stomach after a gym injury.

“When playing baseball one time in gym, I was assigned to be the pitcher so I was like, alright, cool. When I had pitched it, I saw the kids bat aiming directly towards me and I knew I was done for,” said Bundick. “All I remember was a softball heading straight towards my stomach and I kind of stood there in shock, like ‘oh well there’s a ball coming my way,’ and had gotten hit in the stomach. There was a big bruise on my stomach that remained for the next couple of days and it was dreadful,” she proclaimed.

While it is highly unlikely, it is possible to break a bone in gym class.

“Broken bones aren’t something I can say I’ve had before until this one time in gym class,” said Tallon Virts. When playing soccer, sophomore Virts  experienced his thumb going the complete opposite direction, claimed Jacob Quigg. “At the end of gym class, we were picking up all of the cones which represented the goals. While I was bent over picking up a cone, some kid slid to kick the soccer ball and had bent my thumb all the way backwards,” Virts mentioned. “Who knew cleaning up at the end of gym class could lead to an injury,” he commented.

Kailey Jourdan added that some sports seem more likely to have injuries than others.

“Soccer is a sport in which most people wouldn’t expect severe injuries to occur. Think again,” said Tyler Martin. One time when Jourdan was participating in soccer with her friends during gym, she had experienced more than just a head injury.  “When playing soccer, my friend went to go for the soccer ball and I tripped. Then she kept running and stepped on my face and my head,” said Jourdan. “It was almost as if my head became the soccer ball,” she commented while laughing.

Gym-juries come in every size, shape, and form. Based on the sport someone may be doing, the outcomes may vary.

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