Multi-sport athletes gain spotlight

EMMA MARLEY, Entertainment Editor

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It’s not uncommon to hear of NH students participating in some kind of after school activity, especially sports. But how often is it heard that they play two or even three sports during the school year? Balancing school and sports can be challenging for some, it can almost seem impossible. But for these select students, they cannot imagine life without them.

Sophomore Brooke Ciampaglio can be seen speeding down the field hockey field, staying open for a pass in basketball, and waiting to shoot on goal for lacrosse. Found on 3 varsity teams at NH, Ciampaglio claims “It keeps me busy and it’s a nice schedule.” She follows up by saying that she loves the sports, but lacrosse is her favorite. Ciampaglio will be attending University of Delaware after graduation to continue on with her preferred sport.

Kelsie Collier, freshman, can also be spotted on the turf backing up a field hockey player or staying open for a pass in lacrosse. Collier states that she “likes the people and likes being involved.” She stays in shape throughout her off season by practicing as often as she can and running, “maybe too much.”

Not only does Junior Maddison Larrimore play lacrosse and soccer for NH, but she also participates in a club team called Nems lacrosse. Claiming that soccer is more of a relaxing sport for her, Larrimore made an early commitment to (insert college name here) for lacrosse. As a child, the junior picked up on multiple sports to keep her active. “My parents always had a rule that you had to play two sports so I always played and I just like sports a lot they’re fun for me,” states Larrimore.

Another sophomore also plays 3 sports for NH. Hunter Meisz can be seen battling it out on the lacrosse or field hockey field most of the school year. During the winter season, Meisz is diving into action as a member of the swim team. Also committed to UMBC for lacrosse, the sophomore states “it helps me stay in shape and now it helps me challenge myself to do better for UMBC.”

Senior Erik Beyer can be seen tackling opponents during football season while defending goal for the lacrosse team. Beyer claims that football is his preferred sport due to playing it for most of his life. He states that he “loves the game and it never seems to be too much to handle.”

Juggling multiple sports seems to have never been a problem for these athletes. Collier explained that “it can definitely be too much to handle because it’s a lot of pressure” but followed by saying that she wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Ciampaglio states that it’s is not too much to handle for her due to her love of practicing and having games. “I love sports and I love the game and I don’t know what I would do with my life if I didn’t have them,” adds the sophomore.

Larrimore focused on her studies and involvement of sports by saying, “I do a lot better in school when I’m in my sports season. Third quarter is always the most stressful but I do best in school just because I have that extra stress level.” Meisz focused on the same by adding, “it makes me mentally competitive and helps me improve my school performance.”

Each athlete presented a piece of inspirational advice to all fellow students at the Hawks Nest. Ciampaglio started by stating “you can go as far as you push yourself to go.” Collier followed by adding “keep trying and you will succeed.”

“Always be a team player no matter what the sport” was given by Larrimore to stress the fact that “there is no I in TEAM.” Mesiz continued on by sharing, “never give up.”

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Multi-sport athletes gain spotlight