Filly football score shocker

Tanner Russell and Olivia Becker, Reporters

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North Harford High School had their Filly Football game Monday November 13. Filly football is an all-female flag football game with junior girls facing off against senior girls. The game is held as a fundraiser for both the junior and senior class to help pay for the prom.
Anyone who attended would say the game was exhilarating. Everyone from the fans, players, referees, and cheerleaders had a blast. Junior cheerleader, Jay Dilworth says “It was a great experience overall, had a blast, felt like I did a pretty good job, but we need to get more men in there [as cheerleaders], maybe involve a uniform or advertise it more.”
This year’s game was a little different from those in the past.  The game started off as any other with two teams of fired up females facing off in an age old battle of brute strength.  The juniors started off getting the first touchdown taking the lead. It didn’t seem like a big deal until the juniors stayed in the lead.
The reason for some of the junior team’s success could be credited to Brooke Ciampaglio.  Senior Gabriella Roeder had this to say, “I underestimated Brooke’s speed.  I attempted to grab her flag on many occasions. I watched her score numerous touch downs, she scored pretty much all the junior touchdowns.”
Ciampaglio said this about her performance during the game. “It [the game] was really awesome.  The coach even said I should consider playing football next year,” she said jokingly, “but it was a lot of fun and all the girls did really well.”
When the game started winding down all seemed bleak for the seniors.  The juniors had a 42 to 14 lead, but then all of the sudden the tables started to turn when the seniors got the ball for one last time.  When senior Brooke Ricky got the ball she ran as fast as she could and scored the final touchdown of the game, worth 29 points, according to referees.
Not all players were in agreement with this final score on the scoreboard, which indicated a senior win.  Junior Savannah Dieter claimed the final score was “fake,” and her reaction to it was that “it made me just a little angry because we worked really hard to beat them and they just changed the score so that they could win.”
In defense of this score senior Kaylee Callaghan said, “The seniors definitely won, the senior girls did just as well against the juniors as the varsity football team has done against Fallston this year and last.”
No matter which side is right on the final score players from both teams stated that it was a fun experience. Junior Rachel Ewers said, “We played our hearts out and had so much fun while doing it.” Senior Maddison Holliger says, “It was really fun because more people did it and I️ got play with my friends. And hey we ended up winning and got to top it off with free pizza. Pizza football and friends what better way to spend your last filly football game?”
The junior and senior coaches each had highlights from the game. Mr. Julio Fernandez, junior coach says “the game was satisfying, the juniors played their hearts at, they hustled, they listened they were coachable they were a real pleasure to work with.” While Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, senior coach says her favorite part of the experience was “watching the Brooke v.s. Brooke face off.”
The North Harford seniors aren’t too far from leaving the nest and they have some advice for the upcoming senior class. Senior Julia Cameron says, “The advice I would give seniors is make sure you communicate and overall just have fun. Before you know it the game will be over so smile and laugh despite the score.” Callaghan added, “Overall it was a blast.  I wish I had done it my junior year.”

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Filly football score shocker