Dance team dazzles with new choreography


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“The dance team epitomizes North Harford’s sports teams,” said junior Tyler Martin. “I think that it’s a very well put together group with a very high intensity and skill level,” claimed Martin. “They work vigorously 2-3 times a week getting their dance routines down for the next game they perform, which you can see in their performances,” stated the junior.

While the team traditionally dances at home football games, they are also at basketball games in the winter season.  “The dance team provides a lot of spirit during the games considering the fact that during football games the whole student section would cheer for them to perform and chant ‘dance team, dance team,” said Martin..

When the dance team reflected on their fall season as a whole, senior Lainey Rives said“we’re all pretty excited to start basketball season and just be able to get out there and get the fans pumped up.” According to Rives, “Everyone loves to dance and has a lot of fun doing it on the team.” With such enthusiasm, the team feels they are motivated to do their best performances during home games for the Hawks.

As Martin stated, the team works vigorously to get their choreography down. “The dance team definitely works pretty hard from what I’ve seen,” said Dylan Kapentusky, a sophomore. “During halftime the dance team is fun to watch and keeps us amused rather than sitting there bored,” the sophomore added. “We practice twice a week and then we normally take videos of the dance and send them out if people need to practice at home,” insisted the senior.

 As far as choreography, Rives says she “choreographed most of the dances last year and I liked pretty much all of them.”. The team is always looking for people to become interested and be passionate about dancing. “I would recommend dancing because everyone has a lot of fun and you get a chance to make really close friends,” she claimed.   It’s an opportunity to “have another family,” according to the team.  

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Dance team dazzles with new choreography