Lunar Allstars take on ESPN Worlds cheer competition

James Zangrilli, Hawks Reporter

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     North Harford sophomore Chloe Hinson is part of one the best cheer teams in Maryland called Lunar. It can be compared to your equivalent of a travel or club soccer team, but for Cheer.

     Chloe and her team recently had the opportunity to get invited to the worlds competition held by ESPN in Florida this past month. Hinson said that it is “every cheerleaders dream of making it to Worlds,” and that it is the absolute hardest and most challenging competition out there. She has been competing for a total of five years and the competitions that her team goes through are taken very seriously. The teams have to qualify in a multitude of competitions during the season, and then they will be selected based on world wide rankings.

    Cheerleading itself has three levels, Allstar, rec, and school. Chloe competes at the Allstar level, which would put her team at the top of the competition facing the best of the best. All-star teams are usually ranked 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the hardest level, and since Lunar is a level 5 team, they are able to qualify for the Worlds competition. Hinson also stated that module collegiate levels teams are a 6, since they have more experience and are participating in the NCAA.

     The Lunar Allstars have a lot of Harford county high school students including Chloe Hinson, Jenna and Sierra Heim, and Taylor Unkart. At the Lunar gym they strive to be the best and work hard so that they can come out with a win every time they compete. The more prestigious the competing is, the bigger the award, when a team wins the some of the best events they are able to win rings and trophies for recognition of excellence.



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