Goal keepers feel pressure; Strong line of defense protects team

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Of all the fall sports in full swing this October, most involve a goalie. Sophomore Cole Wardle is the goalie for varsity soccer and describes being in goal, “a lot of pressure is on you, because you’re the last line of defense. It’s really up to you, because if you mess up, then it’s a goal.”

Senior Julia Foster’s view of being in goal for field hockey has shifted. “The older I get, and the more experience I have, I get that it’s not always my fault; People aren’t going to blame me like they used to.”

Throughout the entire season, Foster has let in just five goals. Foster says her favorite game would have to be “when we played Hereford this year; I had 17 saves and we didn’t let in any goals…”

Foster’s parents were supportive of being her ambitions of being in goal. She explains, “When I was in 6th grade, my parents got me my own goalie equipment; which was very exciting!”.

Foster has been on the field hockey field for 11 years, playing in goal nine of those.


Varsity soccer player Mill Heinze has only been playing soccer for three years, since the beginning of high school. Heinze said that as a goalie, “You always have to be on your toes and ready for a constantly changing game, as well as adapting to new teams.”  A favorite moment of Heinze includes, “Last year in the playoffs against Harford Tech; It was overtime and I saved a goal that saved the game.”

Wardle said his favorite save happened “During first half of Hereford; I dove and saved the ball from going into the corner.”  Playing soccer is in Wardle’s blood, as he has been playing soccer basically his whole life, which he credits to his dad. “My dad is obsessed with soccer, soccer god as some will say.”

Kris Foster

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