2018 Washington D.C. International Horse Show Sixtieth anniversary attended by NH student


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From October 23-28, the 60th Washington D.C. International Horse Show was held in the Capital One Arena. This event is a large series of horseback riding competitions and contests designed to find the best jumper and best hunter.
According to those who participate in the sport, a hunter is a horse judged based on the look of both itself and its rider, has a braided mane; it must always have correct striding and needs to be on the correct lead, etc. A jumper is a horse judged on its speed and faults on more difficult courses with harder turns and tricky combinations.
Sophomore Hailey Rankin grew up riding horses ever since she was, “very young” and she not only takes part in the art of horseback riding but attended this year’s horse show as well. What inspired Rankin to go compete in this show was the rider, Melanie Ferrio-wise, whose horse she often groomed. According to Rankin, though, that basically means is, doing, “…everything for them.” However, she was also inspired by Ferrio-wise being the only one who has competed bridle-less. A bridle is what attaches the headstall of a horse to its owner’s reins.
Another part of the horse show was Barn Night. In this event, horse lovers, young riders and barn mates alike compete in group contests to win prizes. There was also “Kids’ Day”, a family-friendly event where children and their families can be educated on equestrian and horse care. Kids’ Day includes activities such as grooming ponies, pony rides, “kissing ponies”, little kids competing in a “horseless horse show”, and more.
According to event organizers, there were some big winners at this year’s D.C. horse show. Beezie Madden won the $135,000 Longines FEI World Cup qualifier for a third time. Meanwhile, Elli Yeager won the title for the Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Finals.

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2018 Washington D.C. International Horse Show Sixtieth anniversary attended by NH student