Ravens coming up short last season; Team drafts athletes to build up offensive unit


     The Baltimore Ravens are looking to have a more successful season than last year. Despite having made some mid-season adjustments last year, the Ravens have continued to alter their roster in recent months.

       In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Ravens had the 25-overall pick, and the 32-overall pick in the first round of the draft. With the 25- pick they drafted Tight End Hayden Hurst, which didn’t surprise many because the team needed a tight end.

    The 32-pick caused mixed emotions for many because the Ravens selected Lamar Jackson. People said Jackson was not a good fit for the team, while others said that he could bring a new era to Ravens quarterbacks. In week 11, of last season, Jackson was named starter because of Joe Flacco’s hip injury. Jackson lead them to a winning stretch before playoffs started.

   In response of what Jackson was able to do in his short time last season, Freshman Luke Phillips stated that “Lamar will be better than last season. He’ll rush for 1,200 yards and pass for 2,600. Lamar will become a better passer this season.”

    The season ended in the wild-card-round of the playoffs by losing to the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite the loss, the Ravens were proud to say they had found their new quarterback for the upcoming seasons.  Flacco’s career with Baltimore ended when he was traded to the Denver Broncos.

     Freshman Timothy Steele said, “Flacco is old and he’s a bum.”   Steele and freshman A.J. Turner, have differing opinions about the future of the Ravens.  Steele feels, “They’re pretty bad. They have really bad coaching staff, and anyone good is too old.”  Turner said that they have a very good future, because he believes “they rebuilt their offense a lot over the offseason.”

Steele and Thomas agree that Thomas shows a lot of team spirit and is a good defensive player. They aren’t alone in with this  opinion, The Baltimore Ravens official website released an article this month, calling Earl Thomas an early favorite to win comeback player of the year. His previous season in 2018 was cut short after just four games due to injury.

    In response to Flacco being traded, freshman Dylan Allred said that “he was good to the team, but it was time for a new start as he got older and Lamar is going to be good.”

    In the 2019 draft, the Ravens took Marquise Brown 25- overall who is a wide receiver from Oklahoma. The receiver offers a huge threat to the opponent with his terrifying speed and ability to score. This pick was bold for the new general manager Eric DeCosta.

  After this pick by the new general manager, freshman Ethan Zang said that he felt “like he was an excellent pick for the team, and he’s is going to add a lot of talent to our team.”

    With Jackson being the new QB in town, the team is looking to build the team around him, which is the ‘run n gun’ style offense. Still to this day the fans are concerned for the future because of the draft picks, while others have the view that Jackson will lead the team to a super bowl and, that the decision to base the team off him will pay off.