Junior plans for future enlistment in United States Marines


    Some students might be training for college athletics, or looking to pursue their dreams in college, but for junior Madison Carberry, her goal is to be enlisted and named as a United States Marine.

    Carberry sees herself as the average high school student and has her own aspirations for her future. However, she aspires to be a Marine, one who voluntarily puts her life on the line so others can have their freedom. “I feel like it’s something I want to do with my life. I feel like I was called to do it,” Carberry commented.

    “There has never been a female in the military in my family before,” Carberry stated. Since her uncle had previously enlisted in the U.S. Marines, Carberry had a set approach to tackling the strenuous and physically demanding road that she knew was ahead of her as she reached to become a Marine.

    Not many are cut out for the military but putting in the effort and work early on could lead Carberry to success in the service. She said that the force behind her has been the fact that most of her family have been in the military at some point in their life. Having family members in the military can be difficult, because when they are deployed the risk of getting hurt or killed can be on the minds of family, but for Carberry those people in her family are an inspiration.

    “I usually train after school and train in the evenings, so I do most of my work after school,” according to Carberry. “I do a lot of running and strength, so mostly weights and other activities.” Carberry thinks that putting the extra work before enlisting could give her a leg up on other women who are wanting to become Marines as well.

    “I’m not going to college before I enlist. I’m just going straight into enlisting after I graduate high school,” Carberry stated she wants to be in the forces and feels that it will help her in the long run.