Boxing out stress

Maura Chaney, Reporter


  English teacher by day, field hockey coach by mid afternoon, and kickboxing instructor by night. How does Mrs. Carla Harward manage it all?  

  Harward said she thrives under pressure. “The busier I am, the better I am, because I don’t have as much down time and I know I have to get stuff done.” 

      Though she coaches a sport and teaches numerous classes at North Harford, Harward mentions that instructing a kickboxing class is different because “[she] knows the people are there to have fun and enjoyment and they come because they want to be there, not because they have to be there.”

            She also adds that she finds similarities in instructing kickboxing and teaching. “You are a coach in everything. You are looking out for what is best for your players to teach them skills and techniques, so they don’t get hurt. The same thing goes for a fitness class; you’re teaching them the skills and techniques and moves so they don’t get hurt.” Harward adds that as a teacher, she also tries to be the best she can to allow students to thrive and get the learning they desire. 

  Although the stress of managing many different tasks can be overwhelming, Harward says kickboxing is a stress reliever and getting to participate in an activity that is beneficial for her health makes it worthwhile. 

     Harward said she was first introduced to standard aerobics about 25 years ago, but as the shift in fitness occurred, she was able to pick up “Body Pump” and bootcamp classes which eventually geared her towards kickboxing.