Alumnae continue athletic career at Salisbury University

ZOE MIKLES, Features editor

Two North Harford alumnae, Ariel Limper and Sarah Jackson, just completed their fall field hockey season at Salisbury University. Limpert is a freshman at and Jackson is currently completing her senior year. Both committed to play college field hockey during their junior year of high school. 

     Both girls played the sport throughout their four years of high school. Limpert explained that playing at NHHS impacted her as a player because “it really showed [her] what it was like to be a part of a team.” Jackson said being a part of the field hockey team at North Harford “shaped [her] to play with a ‘we over me’ mindset.” 

     Although they have similarities, high school athletics and playing a sport at the collegiate level are very different according to both girls. Jackson emphasized that “playing at the college level requires more of a sacrifice of your time.”  She further explained saying that games are a lot further away and that often times practices take place more than once a day. 

     Limpert stated the major difference she experienced was that “the practices are faster paced and a lot longer.” She also exclaimed that “in college sports there are no excuses you have to be at the top of your game at all times.” 

     Jackson remembers her first year playing at Salisbury adding, “it was a bit of a culture shock, every player was the ‘star player’ from their high school, so everyone was competing to earn playing time.” Limpert just finished her first season playing college field hockey and stated that, “it went really well… [she] learned a lot from the coaches and older players.” The team advanced to the final four and Limpert and Jackson were given the opportunity to play on the final four team. 

      After completing her senior season, Jackson added that she “doesn’t think about the conference championships or [her] individual accolades, [she] thinks about the time [she] spent with [her] teammate.”  She stated that win or lose, she knows that her team will always have her back. Jackson said that overall, “the Salisbury field hockey program has left its mark on [her]” and that she “is honored to have worn the maroon and gold jersey.” 

     Both Limpert and Jackson stated that they have no regrets about playing field hockey in college. Jackson said that if she “could do it all over again [she] would.” The program has “ left its mark on [her].” Limpert explained that she is “overall more than happy with her decision to play a sport in college.”