New freshman wrestler comes from long sports background

Hannah Krizek, op/ed editor

Freshman Cruz Cespedes, a new addition to the North Harford High School wrestling team, continues to take on the sport he loves while getting used to the newness of high school.  

       When Cruz started to wrestle at the age of 6, he says it was his friends and family who inspired him to take on something that became, and still is such an important part of his life. He states, “I started wrestling because one of my friends did it and my dad brought up the idea. I thought it was cool as well. Then after my first practice I felt an instant love for the sport.”

     Before Cruz got to North Harford to wrestle, he won 3rd place in States three times, and was awarded the title of an All-American wrestler in the top 8.

        As a freshman, Cruz made varsity to start his wrestling career at North Harford. As he discusses wrestling as a Hawk and knowing that changes will take place, he claims “he is excited to be in a new wrestling environment.”

      Cruz talks about his dad being a big part of his wrestling journey. “My dad, he pushes me harder than anyone and works with me on what I need. He is always willing to practice with me in the basement or watch videos to help me become better.” 

       He enjoys his time while wrestling and continues to do the sport because of “the fun [he] has doing it,” he claims.

         Cruz also will be wrestling for with another team other than the Hawks. He explains that, “outside of school I will be wrestling for Storm which is a Harford County tournament team.”  He will also attend various high school tournaments in the offseason.