Varsity swim dives into Icicle Invitational, Racing for first place


 North Harford High varsity swim took second place by only a few points last year. 

     According to Coach Hilary Stanmyer last year varsity swim took second place at the Icicle Invitational. Coach Stanmyer was wishing to place at least second, if not better this year. She had high hopes to accomplish the team’s goal. The Icicle Invitational took place at Magnolia Middle School and there were  high school teams from all over the county. Each team took 25 swimmers, selecting which swimmers fit best for the meet.  

      The meet consisted of all relay events. Stanmyer states, “I think this meet really helps our team to bond and get closer with people they don’t always talk to; team bonding is important for any team.” She also said that everyone needs to work hard for the whole team to win, and having people cheering for you brings the team together.  

      All the teams have a spot in Magnolia’s big gym and wait there until it is time for their relay. First, second, and third place teams all got prizes.  

      North Harford’s biggest rivalry for swim has been C. Milton Wright for years. According to Stanmyer, they have always been our biggest competition and took first last year at this meet.  

      To prepare for this meet swimmers prepare like any other meet by working hard at practice to work together in their relay. All swimmers have a chance to purchase a shirt for the Icicle Invitational.  

      As the meet approached, swimmers were nervous to hear if they had been chosen for a relay. “I always want to take the whole team because everyone works hard and deserves a chance to go, but there is just not enough spots to take everyone,” Stanmyer states.  

     Sophomore Claire Priebe says, “Last year the meet was so fun and I’m so happy I get to go again this year.” According to Priebe, it was also a great way to get to know the upperclassmen as a freshman.

     Junior Will Cassidy says “It is nice for the guys because we all get to go this year because we don’t have a lot of guys.” According to Cassidy it is a great way to bond for all the guys on the team, from freshman to seniors. 

      This annual meet has been a tradition for years and the team can’t wait to blow people away this year.