Seniors reminisce on high school sports


As the 2019-2020 school year faces closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, spring sports were not able to continue for the year, making those seniors playing a spring sport walk away unexpectedly. With this change, seniors respond to sports they will miss playing, and sports they will miss watching.

Throughout high school, students are offered the opportunity to play a sport for their school and experience new things while participating. Whether or not they continue to play through college, or if they stop after their senior year, the memories created during those few years have left a mark on some at North Harford High School.

Senior Taylor Holliger reflects on her time playing soccer and participating in track and field. She explains that spring was her favorite season of sports in high school. “I love track and I love going to lacrosse games with my friends. I do not have a specific memory that makes it so special, just the fact that it is warm out and everyone is happy to be watching our teams in the sun,” she says.

Erin Vaartjes is a senior who decided to graduate early, making her high school experience even shorter with the impact of COVID-19. She says that the sport she will miss watching the most is football. “No matter who you go with it is always a ton of fun, even if it is freezing out,” she says. Vaartjes adds that she will “definitely miss being a part of the Hawks student section”.

Senior Frank Kemajou played soccer for North Harford, and had a great experience doing so. “I am going to miss laughing with my teammates during training sessions and beating Fallston back to back,” he says. Kemajou then reflected on his most cherished sports memory at NH, with his game winning goal against Patterson Mill.