Training or straining during quarantine

Caitlyn Allen, News editor


Quarantine has affected everyone differently, physically, mentally, and emotionally. But what are students doing to stay in shape for their sport, or just to be healthy? 

     Some students are training harder than ever during this time and are motivated to get better and stronger, some students workout but aren’t motivated, they just do it because they have nothing else to do, and some students have not thought at all about exercise and are not motivated at all.  

     Junior Dylan Jablon claims his day in quarantine is typically the same every day. “I sleep in, workout, condition, and then work on the actual sport, which for me is soccer.” Jablon claims that he is much more motivated now to train for his sport simply because “I have nothing else to do.” Jablon further states, “I can’t hang with my friends and I have no real schoolwork, so I’d be an idiot if I wasn’t more motivated to get better at my craft.”

   Even though no one is completely certain we will have fall sports this upcoming year, the junior claims he wants to be as prepared and trained as possible if we have a season and make senior year the best yet. “I would be devastated if I didn’t have a senior season to play what I love.”  

     Junior Lily Macatee has been doing a bunch of online workout classes on her peloton, as well as just running her neighborhood to “keep in shape.” Macatee claims that quarantine has made her “less motivated because when you’re with your coach and team they are motivating you to do better and to push you, whereas when your home there isn’t really anyone to do that.” The junior says she “doesn’t know if she sees a fall season happening just because if we won’t be able to go back to school in the fall normally, I don’t see us being able to play a sport which makes me incredibly sad.” 

     Senior Luke Kelly has been lifting weights in his basement trying to “get stronger” and has been going to the turf to get in some cardio and stay in shape. Kelly is “excited to play baseball in college” and claims his college coach has “sent him throwing workouts as well as body workouts to do in the off season.” Kelly states he is “sad that my senior baseball season was cancelled” but he is “hoping I get to play baseball in the spring at my college.” Kelly claims his motivation level has not changed, however he “has a lot more time to train and get better.” “Kelly’s biggest hope is “that this virus clears up as fast as possible so everyone can get out and life can be normal again.”