Music teacher runs first half marathon

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

    From the stage to the outdoors, Ms. Kayelyn Hemling is finding her way.

 According to Hemling she got a job at North Harford right around when Covid hit. Before  Hemling joined the staff at NH,  she was living in Boston completing her master’s degree in Opera Performance. 

     “Not only was my voice teacher in high school the choral director at North Harford for many years but I grew up in the HCPS system and knew of NHHS’s excellent choirs!” Hemling states.  She added she is very excited to work with this choir family.   

     Choir isn’t the only thing  Hemling spends her time doing. As reported by  Hemling, she ran her first half marathon just a few weeks ago. Over the last year she has been on a life changing personal fitness journey. “I was a swimmer growing up and never liked running.”  Hemling says.  

      “Five years ago, my dad and sister ran the Baltimore Half Marathon and I cheered them on. At the time, I didn’t believe I could ever do anything like that.” Ms. Hemling states. When she started her journey, she challenged herself with running because she thought running was impossible for her.  

      “I have never been a very athletic person, so this is all new for me,” Ms. Hemling says. She states now that she has started running, she really enjoys being outside in nature having dedicated time to her health and wellbeing.  

     According to Ms. Hemling, a lot of training went into reaching her goal. She ran five to six days a week and still cross trained on her days off. She usually did short runs throughout the week, between two to five miles, and long runs on Sundays, between six and eleven miles. “Running with my dad on the long runs helped keep me motivated,” Hemling added.  

      Ms. Hemling stated that she didn’t go on this journey for anyone but herself, and to better herself as a person. “My family and friends believed I could do it which helped me to not give up,” Hemling states. She overall wanted to be a healthier more active person  

       Hemling adds “Through this process I realized that you truly could do anything you set your mind to and you cannot let anything get in the way. It’s a message I hope that all people hear and really take seriously. You are your own worst critic and if you convince yourself that you are capable, that’s all that matters.”  

      “I teach 5 curricular choirs and one beginning piano course! The choirs consist of varying levels beginning with Women’s and Men’s Chorus. Then, advanced women’s chorus, known as Bel Canto, advanced mixed choir, known as Chamber Choir and our advanced small a Capella group, The Harmonics,” Hemling states. 

Photo Credits: Ms. Hemling