Leaving an ‘Impact’ on athletes recovering from injury

Caitlyn Allen, News Editor

    From a Hawks basketball player to a college athlete, alumni Bobby Esbrant is now a part owner of Impact Sports Physical Therapy, located in Hanover, Maryland. 

     Esbrant grew up in the Jarrettsville area. He attended Jarrettsville Elementary, North Harford Middle and High. A basketball player in high school, he continued his athletic and academic career at Stevenson University, where he graduated with a degree in Biology.  He pursued physical therapy school at the University Maryland School of Medicine and earned his doctorate degree there. 

    Esbrant claims when he was in high school, he had “no idea what he wanted to do.” He adds he had a family friend who owned a physical therapy practice, so he started working for him when he was in high school. Once he got to college and he started to have a lot of injuries from basketball, he “went through with the rehab process and I got to see things from the other side as a patient.” 

    He adds, “I realized that there is a lot missing for patients. There was a lot missing and I felt that the environment that I was in it wasn’t suitable for myself. I felt as if I should be doing something different than people in their fifties or sixties.” Esbrant adds this is what inspired him to “start his own business and build an environment that catered and tailored to higher level athletes.” 

     Esbrants says his favorite part about his job is “working with highly motivated athletes.” The therapist adds he has been “blessed to work with professional athletes and got to experience pretty cool things I never thought I would get to experience.” For example, he got contracted to work with a player on the Washington Nationals and he traveled throughout the year with the baseball team working with that athlete. He also has pro boxers that he works with and travels with, he has worked with a ton of NFL players including Ravens players, and a lot of NBA players. Esbrant adds he loves “being able to help them to be a part of their journey of success.” 

     The physical therapist says the hardest part about his job is working with “unmotivated people.” He adds he doesn’t have to deal with much of that now, but “most of my headaches now come from the business side of things.” 

     If you are interested in seeing Esbrandt and his work, his Instagram is @bobbysportspt or check out his website; impactsports.com.