Controversial sports season; Students want the decision


Many students at North Harford were excited to hear that the school will be holding an athletic season along with returning to school. Some were left disappointed when students got word that the school would only be holding a spring season while others expressed excitement. 

     One thing many students look forward to in high school is the football games. When the county decided to only hold spring athletics not only were fans upset but boys on the team were not thrilled. One player, senior, Hayden Stoneback says, “I was hoping to enjoy my last season of football with my friends.” 

     Stoneback also mentioned that he used to play boys volleyball and both of those sports are fall sports so he would have no opportunity to play the sports he loves. Another student, senior Kendall Schubert, shares her disappointment in missing her last season. 

     Schubert states, “Volleyball was the only sport I played in High School and I am missing my last season with my favorite girls.” Many others shared dissatisfaction through social media posts and memories they shared on their platforms.  

     Some students though see no problem in the way Harford County chose to do their sports. Junior Grant Maxa says, “I think it would’ve been nice to have a vote or poll, but ultimately I like what they did.” Maxa mentions that all spring sports are outdoors, and this creates a safer environment during Covid-19. 

     He also says, “…people last year missed out on their spring season so now, we can make it up.” Another junior, Morgan Buckland, agrees with Maxa and thinks it was the right choice. Buckland says, “I don’t really mind which season we have but I missed my last Softball season so I’m excited to have this one.” Several students like Maxa and Buckland were just grateful to have a season. 

     Based on the response from students who have spoken up or posted on social media, it seems that the opinion is very 50/50. Many students have tried out for each sport season, so it seems there are a handful of students happy to be playing. Underclassmen are hopeful that next year they will be able to participate in all three sports seasons.