Opportunities await at Goucher College;

Quick heading to college for soccer

Annie Finholm, Reporter

     As the year continues, senior Madison Quick makes preparations to determine which college will meet both her academic and athletic needs. Closing out her final soccer season, the athlete must choose a school that will allow her love for the sport to continue.  

     Quick explains that she began playing because she thought she “knew [she] really wanted to play soccer in college.” Quick says she “really wanted to increase [her] skill level high school [in order to] hopefully make varsity” when the time came. 

     Quick announces that her favorite part about the sport is “definitely seeing [my] teammates every single day,” “team dinners, team bonding activities.” The senior also enjoys the “long hard games every week.” 

     When Quick is out on the field, she says she’s “excited.” She voices that she’s “happy that [they’re] finally able to play again with COVID and everything,” but she feels “sad because this is [her] last year [playing] and [they’re] almost done.” 

     Each month, with just high school soccer, the athlete finds herself dedicating “at least 30 hours a month” to soccer. However, according to Quick, during club season, it’s “definitely even more.” She believes she dedicates about “40 hours” a month to her sport. 

     The senior announces that her goal is to “play for Goucher College.” Quick states that she “really want[s] to go there for academics,” and that, “even if it’s not Goucher,” wants to “play at a DIII school [somewhere] close to home.” 

     According to Colleges That Change Lives, “Goucher College is a selective, private, all gender, liberal arts college[.]” The college is, says the organization, “dedicated to providing a multidisciplinary, international education.” 

     The soccer player declares that “the ideal things [she’s] looking for [in a college are] definitely the people.” She elaborates by expressing that “for [her], with soccer, the people on the team really make a big difference because [she knows she] would be with them a lot.” 

     Academically, Quick says she is really looking for “small class sizes.” According to the Goucher College, they have a “10-to-1 student-faculty ratio.” The athlete adds that “a clean and big outdoor campus is really big for [her].”  

     During her years in school, Quick states she “really want[s] to major in psychology,” but she’s “not really sure what [she wants] to do with it yet after college.” As for soccer, she announces that she “definitely want[s] to look into maybe coaching a soccer team” or continue to play with “an older group of people.”  

     The senior recalls her favorite memory of the sport is “never losing to Bel Air High School.” Quick says that they “always tie them,” but it’s “fun because they’re a good school.” 

     Looking back, the soccer player states she’ll mostly “miss getting yelled at to turn the music down because it will disturb the cows.”