Girls lacrosse starts strong; Both teams remain powerful against rivals

Delaney O'Neil, Reporter

Spring sports are underway and both JV and varsity girls lacrosse have played in multiple games and scrimmages, including their rival, Fallston.

     With a new group of JV girls, “right now we are trying to get to know everyone and work together,” according to freshman Mollie Fialcowitz. This year freshman Mckenna O’Neil says “we have a good defense and they are doing really well learning the new black defense.” 

     As of now, JV girls need to work on the basics, such as throwing and catching and connecting as a team, says O’Neil. Specifically, freshman Madelynn Bishop says, “In our Fallston game we need to focus on our skills and the little things, like catching and passing, keeping possession of the ball, and talking more.”

     On a more positive note, Bishop says, “Fallston was definitely the most nerve wracking, but we played best under pressure.” Another highlight for JV was their John Carroll game where freshman Madyson Pullen-Staiger says, “we had good transfers in defense and it was a really good game overall because they are a challenging team.”

     Team bonding is also another important aspect for the JV, with new freshmen on the team. Bishop says, “we have team dinners and so far we have had two after practices.”

     For the varsity girls, freshman Lena Rockhill says, “everything is going pretty well and we have a good team chemistry where we have a lot of fun practices and games. Even if we are not playing the best, we find ways to cheer each other up.”

     So far, the girls have won against Rising Sun, and lost against both Fallston and Towson. Junior Kendall Fortune says, “My favorite game was definitely fallston because it was not only under the lights, but they are our rival. In this game we had a good comeback, so there was a lot of energy.” In this game Fortune got a hat-trick, scoring 3 of the 4 goals. 

     Fortune also says, “our best highlight was at the Fallston game, where we didn’t let the score at halftime dictate our energy. Also, our defense played very well and the ref complimented our playing.” 

     In another game against John Carrol, junior Isabella Southard says, “we had moments where we passed the ball all the way down the field and then there was a direct shot on goal.” Whereas in the girls game against Rising Sun, “the team was so easy, so we didn’t have to play as hard and playing harder teams motivates me to play better,” says Southard. 

     In upcoming games, the varsity girls will be playing CMW, where Fortune says, “we are anxious for the CMW game because they have a really strong team this year, but I also know some of the players, so I am excited to play with them.” Many of the girls were also anxious about the Fallston game and Southard says, “they are our rivals and it was a hard game, but we didn’t do too bad.”

North Harford’s varsity lacrosse team posing for a timer picture after practice. Photo Credit: Haley Stone