Delightful dates for duos

Grace Feldbush, Event coordinator

     On a Friday or Saturday night, students are often looking for something exciting to switch up their daily routine. Senior Aaron Huth’s favorite date day is going to mini golf specifically at the indoor Jurassic Park mini golf in Bel Air. “Going to mini golf and getting something like Chick-Fil-A to eat is one of my favorite things to do,” Huth says. 

    Junior Madalyn Rutch explains she loves getting sushi. “My ideal date would be getting sushi and then just relaxing watching a show or something,” she says. She explains she loves going to Chopstix in Forest Hill or The Orient in Bel Air.  

    She says her favorite shows to watch are Dance Moms, 13 Reasons Why, and The Walking Dead. She explains she would love to introduce someone to those shows on a first date. She implies she would love to do this in a romantic way, or even with a friend for a girls day.  

    Junior Kaity Grimm says one of her favorite dates was going to Texas Roadhouse. “I went to Texas Roadhouse, but the wait was almost an hour, in the meantime we walked around Tractor Supply and just talked and had a fun time,” Grimm says.  

    Grimm found it fun because she thought she’d be miserable waiting but ended up having a wonderful time. “It was one of those things where you expect the worst but get the best,” she says.  

    Junior Abigail Giannini says her favorite date she has been on was roller-skating. “It was a fun way to let loose and get comfortable around each other,” she says.  

  Giannini explains she loved being taken roller-skating because it was different than most dates and showed they cared and wanted to have fun with her.  

     Junior Colin McDermott’s favorite night out was going to a trampoline park. “Having fun at a trampoline park was a creative way to open up for me and my date,” he says. 

     McDermott explains he thought it was a perfect date idea because there are so many things to do there it can never get awkward. He would encourage anyone who wants to do something creative to try out a trampoline park. 

    According to there are multiple ways to grow closer with your partner, and “going on creative dates grows the bond between you and your partner.” One of their ideas is to plan a scavenger hunt.  The site suggests creating personal clues for where a couple needs to go next to see how well they know the other person, and the result  “can be a creative way to connect on a deeper level.”