Thrifting vs. fast fashion; Students’ voice opinions on preferences

Kensington Boyanich, Business Manager, Social media coordinator

      The idea of ‘fast fashion’ is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” Websites like Shein and stores such as Urban Outfitters are some examples of large corporations that contribute to the fast fashion industry. On the other hand, though, an increasing trend of going thrifting has surfaced thanks to the popular app TikTok. 

      The Borgen Project, an initiative to help address global poverty talks about the fast fashion industry saying, “Many brands in the fast fashion industry use cheap labor to produce garments, which often leads to the exploitation of workers and the environment.” The website talks about alternatives to fast fashion stating how consumers can donate old clothes, buy clothes from ethical brands, and even learn how to make and repair your own clothing. Some students have voiced their opinions on the fast fashion industry versus buying secondhand clothes at thrift stores. 

      Sophomore Brady Gilmore talks about how he prefers going to thrift stores to shop. “I like thrifting because I am able to find a style that’s mine that nobody else really has,” he states. “Going thrifting is better than going to a big-name brand store because you find much better clothes that are obviously a lot cheaper so you can get a lot more at once.”

       Senior Luke Phillips though has taken the opposite stand and prefers shopping at brand name stores rather than thrifting. “I prefer shopping at big stores. I really enjoy shopping at Gap, Pacsun, and H&M. It’s easy to find the basic clothes you need.” Philips talks about thrifting saying, “I go to Goodwill sometimes, but it can be hard to find good things and clothes that I would actually wear. Usually, when you do find something, it is not the right size, or it doesn’t look the way I want it to.” 

      Junior Jenna Amrhein says that she does not really prefer thrifting or shopping at brand-name stores. “It honestly depends on what I’m looking for. Sometimes I want new sporty clothes then I will go to a bigger store, but it depends on what occasion I’m going for.” Amrhein talks about how she enjoys going thrifting with her boyfriend. “It really depends on what vibe you are looking for and feeling. Shopping at big brands and thrifting is good for their own purposes.”