Spring Forward; Saving time and energy

Kimberly Allen, Reporter

    Get ready to set your clock! Daylight saving time or often mistaken as Daylight savings is ticking! This year daylight saving time will start on Sunday Mar.12 at 2am and will end on Sunday Nov.5 at 2 am. 

     You might have heard some people use the term “spring forward” for this time. This is because Daylight saving time starts during the spring. The clocks “spring forward” and then “fall back” when they reset in the fall. 

    This change of time has both benefits and drawbacks. One reason people like Daylight saving time is simply because the sun will be out and shining for a little longer. One other plus of daylight savings is that it saves energy, and saving energy saves money. Some people even feel happier when it’s brighter out. 

     Daylight Saving time originated from World War 1 in Europe and America in order to save fuel to produce more electrical power. On Mar.19, 1918 Daylight saving time started to be used in the United States. However, it did not stick around for long, and ended up becoming optional to states. 

     Not everyone is a fan of this time change. Many states have tried to make laws to not use Daylight saving time in the past couple of years. Would it be easier for everyone to keep a permanent Daylight-saving time?