Munson kicks it into gear

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Kick, shoot,score.  That’s the kind of stuff Kyle Munson  has done in the past four years on the North Harford soccer team.

 A senior, Munson recently was selected to 2nd team all state and 1st team all county. Munson’s coaches had a lot to say about him. “I was ecstatic to see him win because he deserved it;  he was the leader of the team, full of energy every practice,and then in the game,

“Fernandez said. “His intensity carried over to the rest of the team,”. Fernandez continued.

     His coach remarked having a leader like Munson on the team is really beneficial.  It’s helpful to have someone who is a motivator or a leader, somebody other athletes can depend on, and somebody who’s going to have their back all the time.  “It’s nice to have somebody to have your back all the time.  It’s hard to find,” Fernandez said.

   Fernandez said the one word he would use to describe Munson is “INTENSITY”.  Fellow coach Mr. Matt Johnstone said the state team is selected by the Maryland Soccer Coaches Association. “That’s all the coaches who want to join. They meet on a Sunday,and each county can present their top player,” Johnstone said. He continued, “This is  my 10th year as head coach, and he’s a first All-state player.

    Munson’s goal was to be selected to All-state, “I scored a lot of goals, and I lead our team to winning a lot of games, and my leadership had got the attention of a lot of coaches.I played three sports, but soccer is definitely number 1 on my list.  Actually, I’m committed to Salisbury University for soccer,” Munson said.

   When asked how his teammates might describe him, Munson said  he doesn’t know. “…I hope they say good things about me.  I mean I’m not trying to be too cocky but I hope, my team says good things about me,” Munson said.

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Munson kicks it into gear