People who can’t be trusted…

Garrett Sturgill, Reporter

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Kaleigh Sasdelli, junior “People who don’t like dogs.”


Brooke Ciampaglio, junior “People who brush their teeth in the shower.”


Savannah Dieter, junior “People who don’t like the beach.”


Brianna Stradling-Harmison, senior “People who put Oreos in orange juice.”


Dylan Vlcek, senior “People who don’t like Toxic by Britney Spears.”


Brennan Stewart, sophomore “People who haven’t watched every Star Wars movie.”


Liam Huesser, junior “People who don’t like Kruiser.”


Jay Dilworth, junior “Vegans”


Galen Speicher, senior  “People who bite a Kit-Kat bar without breaking it.”

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People who can’t be trusted…