Cocoa and Crafts heat up holiday spirits

ABBEY KROENER, Sports editor

The journalism staff hosted a “Cocoa and Crafts” for the second year in a row.  This festive event was held after school on Thursday, December 12. All journalism students were included in every level of journalism.

     Last year was the first year having a holiday party and the staff talked about how much they liked it that the event will be happening again with more fun activities.The only thing required for students is to bring a mug.  

     The staff thinks of ideas to do during the party, all of crafts and food that will make the event more fun.  As the ideas conclude, each student brings in at least one food or craft supply item to make the activity possible.

      Jenifer Chandler claims she started this tradition because “I think it is really important that the people who are my staff have an opportunity to see each other as more than just a journalist who work for each other.  As many students and teachers claim they get stressed around this time, Chandler adds, “producing a product is one thing but having the ability to just decompress and unwind half way through the year is really healthy for a lot of people including me and who doesn’t love crafts and coco.”

     Senior staff member, Aleaha Bikle said since the staff is bigger this year, she’s excited for because “both of our Journalism two and three classes came up with a ton more ideas and activities students could participate in this year.” 

     Bikle claims that she is “thankful for more cocoa and interactive crafts, like gingerbread houses, cookie decorating and Christmas bracelet making.”

     Bikle claims that one of her favorite parts about last year’s event was painting the fence boards that were supplied by then junior Tori Gay. The senior adds, “everyone seemed to really enjoy putting their own spin on their designs. It’s truly an all-around fun event and I hope that we will continue the tradition in the future!”

Kierstyn McManus has never done it before but she is excited for the experience and to see what the event has to offer. 

     Although senior Ellie Evans had the opportunity to experience the fun last year.  Evans says, “I loved cocoa and crafts last year, it’s so beneficial for our staff to do this event every year because it helps us to bond and destress from school and gives us the holidays to relax.”  The senior adds that she’s looking forward to having “a great time crafting and sipping on cocoa.”  

She goes on, “I’m so excited to make the new crafts and spend time with new staff members.”

     The hot coco was a big hit as the staff brought and compared their own mugs, filling them to the top with coco mix, marshmallows and whipped cream.  

     The event was able to happen because every member brought in craft supplies, treats or snacks; it made the gathering much more enjoyable according to the party attendees.  Greer Strine said “the environment was super fun and we are all super excited for the holidays.” She adds that her favorite part of the party were the cookies, “because what’s Christmas without cookies, plus I love to eat so it ties it all together.”

     Both Strine and Marrisa Altenburg agreed that the coco and crafts tradition should continue next year, but have more staff members come because “It’s more of a party with more people,” Strine said.  Altenburg also believes this is a good idea to do because “you get to meet the older kids and talk to them before you work with them next year. It’s a good experience to get to know them.”

      Chandler wants people to know, “we do more than just write articles.”  That is why she has already started thinking about next year’s coco and crafts where she is considering having everyone bring a friend, “so that we could kind of network outside of journalism.”  Her only concern is that it would be “too big” with that many people. 

     With the stress being relieved and warm, excited energy through the air, Chandler liked calming everyone down so much that she wants to do something similar again this year.  “I love the organized chaos,” says Chandler, “I really want to do something in the spring time too but I haven’t quite figured it out, plus the spring gets really busy.”

     As the holiday season and year 2019 comes to an end, journalism moves past the holiday events and moves forward into planning Teachers Got Talent.  This next event will be open to all students and staff at North Harford, along with their friends and family.