Students serve on church youth group mission trips



     When churches recruit new young people into their family, they often put them through the course of Sunday school which is an hour-long class of studying stories in the Bible that teach life lessons and learn how to be a part of their community. 

     One big process of the Sunday school course is attending mission trips which are commonly out of state and require all kids in the grade level of Sunday School to work together to complete a big project assigned to them. According to those who participate, this process is mainly designed to bring kids together, teach very important life lessons, or reenact famous scenes from the Bible.

     Mission trip projects can vary according to the location but consists usually of constructing a garden, furniture, planting trees and plants, or sometimes rebuilding a whole small building. 

     Junior Laurel Brown is part of her own Christian Church’s youth group called “Builders For Christ” and she said her last job took place during last summer for a whole week says, “it’s a really fun process, I really like the youth group I’m a part of and what we strive to complete such as rebuilding damaged buildings, it makes me feel closer to being a helper and leader like Jesus Christ himself.”

    Brown concluded, “…it also always makes me very happy when I get to see my friends from other organizations formed by their own churches who live hours away from me, especially how all the hard work we put in brings us closer as Christians to show others how much we care.”

     Junior Autumn Corella who is an active member of her church’s youth group states “what I really like about our mission trips is the fun we have alongside our mission project which include playing games such as dodgeball, charades, cards, and sitting around a campfire, the best part however is when everyone contributes to playing and showing how church is not a boring organization to be a part of.”