Students creating businesses Doing what they love


Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     Small businesses are a new fun way for teens to make money, while being creative with what they make. 

     Sophomore Haley Stone, has started her own painting business focused on sucking in teen’s interest. She states, “I was looking for an enjoyable way to make money over the summer since I wasn’t old enough to get a real job at the time.” 

     Stone says her business is called Creations and you can find her work on Instagram with the username “3._stone.creations” “  The business owner says she sells ones with a lot of crazy colors and designs because I wanted to focus it on teen’sstyle.”  She focused her business on teens because it is easier for her to make things that relate to teens because she is a teen herself. 

     According to Stone, she is not sure if she will do something  with her passion for painting  in her future, “I’m not really sure if I will do this in the future, I’m seeing where this goes for now, and if it continues to work out then I might as well keep going because I enjoy it,” she states. 

     She also says she probably won’t ever make it into a bigger business then what it is now, because she enjoys how everything is working currently. “A bigger business just means more stress and work for me, and I like what I have going on right now,” she says. 

     “I usually scroll through Pinterest to get inspiration and look at my old ideas, then I sketch it out and take a few hours painting.” Stone says. She says that it depends how detailed the design she is doing is, it usually takes her a few hours to get it just right. Sometimes she says it takes her more than a day because she wants to be proud of how her products turn out. 

     Stone says, “I use pencil to sketch it out, and black acrylic paint over the pencil to make sure there are no mistakes.”  According to Stone it is important to be proud of what you accomplish, and this business has only made her better at painting. 

     According to Stone she likes doing this by herself and doesn’t have anyone help her. She has always enjoyed painting and figured she could try to make a small business and see where it goes. She thinks everyone should be proud of their accomplishments, and she is very proud of hers.