Endorphin overload through exercise

Jessica McGowan, reporter

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Stress and high school go together like peanut butter and jelly. Staying calm and anxiety free is important when keeping good grades.  Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and help you stay healthy during the year. Exercise releases endorphins, also known as your brains happy transmitters. This leaves you in a better mood and ready to tackle that AP homework.

For people who don’t want to sweat too much, Tai Chi offers great stress relieving benefits. Tai Chi focuses on breathing techniques; almost like meditation. Lie on your back and breathe deeply in. As you exhale, contract your core muscles for added effects.

Similarly to Tai Chi, yoga also focuses on breathing and concentration with oneself. One of the best poses for stress reduction is “Child’s Pose”. Sit on your knees and extend your hands high over your head. Reach far out and extend your arms onto the floor in front of you. It should look almost like a folding chair from the side. Hold this for ten seconds breathing deeply.

If someone wants to get a little more of a workout in, Kickboxing is an exciting change up! For this exercise you don’t need any special gear or punching bags. Stay light on your feet and have your hands in fists in front of you. Alternate the rhythm “punch Ignore kick kick” several times. Do this with both your right and left sides.

Finally, and arguably the most vigorous exercise- running is like high paced meditation. Run or walk for any distance you choose. To make it fun, add a pump up workout playlist or classical music. Not only do students have their favorite exercise but teachers do too! “My personal favorite is jogging because I feel like I get a lot of energy out and I listen to music and it helps me focus. I know a lot of people enjoy yoga, it’s very calming and relaxing and helps build your core strength and it’s very soothing” says Mrs. Murdy. Whichever exercise works for you, make it your own! These could just keep you feeling even cooler in the winter months.

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Endorphin overload through exercise