Home grown, family owned; Falling Branch Brewery offers live music

Madison Fetherston , Reporter

      For nearly a century, agriculture has been a vital part of the Galbreath family. Founded in 1924 by Calvin Galbreath, Highland Heights Farms was the start of the Galbreath family’s legacy. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that brothers Allen and Stewart Galbreath transitioned the farms focus to dairy cattle. Now the land is home of the Hawks Hill Creamery and Falling Branch Brewery.

      Falling Branch Brewery became Harford County’s first farm brewery, led by the family farm’s fourth generation. Just a few miles from the Hawk’s Nest, families and friends can gather where modern craft brewery combines with the preserved antiquity of a family farm. Heather King, of the class of 2020, has worked at the brewery since she was 15, when she started as a face painter for Pumpkinfest, a popular fall event for locals that offers live music, hayrides, food, and pumpkin patches for families to roam. 

      “The most interesting part about Falling Branch Brewery is the history behind it.” King states, “My boss grew up on the farm that once cared for numerous dairy cows and it has now become a place where memories continue to be made.” While the pandemic has challenged small businesses, Falling branch Brewery strives to offer a safe environment for families and friends to visit.

     Despite the times of COVID, Falling Branch Brewery continues to support local artists who have seen a substantial decline in gigs over the past year. Brandon Robey, recently performed at Falling Brach Brewery for the first time. Previously Robey has performed at Slate Farm Brewery, Double Groove Brewing, Tourist Inn, and numerous other locations. For the past five years Robey has performed professional, dabbling in a wide range of genres such as classic country, grunge rock, classic rock, and modern classic and country. 

      When reflecting on his first performance, Robey expressed, “My experience was great! The staff was very accommodating and what stood out was that it was a restoration of a barn.” Robey plans to once again perform at Falling Branch Brewery in the near future. Falling Branch Brewery offer live music from local musicians Thursday through Saturday. Despite the pandemic, the family-owned brewery strives to offer a place for families to make memories and support our local artists.

       Due to COVID, the brewery has made numerous adjustments. Due to the wide-open nature of the farm brewery, this location was able to adapt even in the colder months that Maryland has to offer. Many new outdoor propane heaters and additions to the wood fireplace have been added to keep visitors warm and to minimize crowding. More information about upcoming live music events can be found on Falling Branch Brewery’s website.