Senior class president elections finished; Experiences of campaigners standing out


    The Senior Class’ elections for their class president have been cast in senior homerooms of the Hawk’s Nest. These ballots had two names on them, Grace Herron, and Lauren Sawyer.

     However, after printing these ballots, Sawyer pulled out of the race, leaving Grace Herron as the sole senior class president candidate, according to Sawyer.

     Herron explains that her run for class president was born from her familiarity of the role.  She says she held the position during both her sophomore year and was the de-facto class president during her junior year, despite Covid not making the position official.

     Herron believes she is a good fit for class president as she claims she has a “very good understanding of the position” considering her previous years of experience. A plan that Herron has if she is elected is a “movie night in the courtyard once it gets warmer so we don’t have to have the masks outside. Also, different clubs can have tables for fundraisers.” Herron believes that events like these will be able to help people meet new friends and make connections that will last after their final days of senior year.

     The North Harford student community is not perfect and as all schools do, many students, including Herron, have complaints.  She said she is excited to make changes in the school community, including her plans to make “improvements in [the school’s] acceptance of everybody and [hosting] events that cause people to come together and talk to those they usually wouldn’t talk to.”  She believes that participating in these events will help those who believe that the school’s community could be improved upon.

     Herron believes she is a good fit for senior class president because “I would be doing fundraisers for the end of the year so that overall with class unity and to have a really good year because quarantine messed a lot of things up [I think that if] we could have a good year for the last year of high school which I believe would boost everyone’s spirits”

     “…I think Grace will be a really good class president,” says Sawyer. “She’s got a lot of experience behind her and I’m confident she will do a very good job.”

     The Student Government Association welcomes anyone running for office, according to Herron, “The running is open to anyone who wants to campaign.”