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      Prior to opening her business, Dr. Emily Greene worked as a counselor at North Bend Elementary, and now works at HCC, in addition to being a fitness instructor and author. Business hours and availability can be found in the graphic above.
“Bring what you have, take what you need;” Woman creates practice with others

  Dr. Emily Greene, an HCC/HCPS employee and entrepreneur, has started a holistic wellness practice called Ordinary Guru.       This business is focused on mental and spiritual wellness, as well as doing exercises for the body. Located in Hickory,...

Headliners touring the world; Students get prepared for experiences
Mackenzie Scott, Op/Ed Editor • May 16, 2024

Concerts are showing up all over town and many students are planning to attend shows over the course of the summer.   According to

Annual Art Show attracts attention
Annual Art Show attracts attention
Lily Corcoran, Copy Editor • May 16, 2024

     From Wednesday, May 1 to Friday, May 3, NH once again hosted its annual Art Show, where many different pieces were displayed for both...

GUTS (Spilled) about new songs; Olivia Rodigo performs on tour
NOEL BAILEY, Op/Ed Editor • April 23, 2024

Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo has been on tour since February, performing her newest album on stage, Guts.      The singer did lots of promotions...

Tax dollars wasted every year
EDITORIAL June 7, 2024

   The U.S. federal government is shamelessly spending at least $247 million dollars in taxpayer money each year, according to the Government...

Drama takes to road
Drama takes to road
Katie Vanarsdale, SSC Editor • June 7, 2024

   North Harford High School’s drama two class has hit the road. Students have been touring local elementary schools performing a “children’s...

Hawks social studies department faces changes
Lucy Carbonell, Reporter • June 7, 2024

    In the 2024-2025 school year, the social studies department will be experiencing some changes.  All social studies teachers will be...

Freshmen Breaking out of shells
STELLA MANNS, Sports Editor • September 28, 2023

Secretaries try for Family Friendly School Award
KENDALL WALTER, Reporter • September 26, 2023

   The North Harford secretaries recently shared they collectively have a goal that they want to achieve, the Family Friendly School Award. (1)...

Drug shortages reach new peak,
Isabel Kropkowski, Features Editor • May 21, 2024

    Drug shortage numbers have hit a record high in the first quarter of 2024. This year has had the highest shortages since drug availability...

The solar eclipse on April 8 was visible all over the United States. People all over watched the total solar eclipse throughout the day.
Solar eclipse passes over United States;
Isabel Kropkowski, Features Editor • April 23, 2024

 On April 8,  the United States was hit with a solar eclipse, caused by the moon covering up the sun.        It has been seven years...

Sustaining yourself in apocalyptic supermarkets;
KENDALL WALTER, Reporter • April 18, 2024

 Something bad has happened: the apocalypse, doomsday, etc. No matter what it is, the only options are the grocery store, the car wash across...