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Sophomore Eric Valenza hangs out with Harrity and Manns. The team celebrated a 8-1 win against Elkton that day. 
PHOTO CREDIT: Emily Johnson
Serving up successful season; Tennis team takes on challenges; Seniors prepare to say goodbye
Emily Johnson, IDR Editor • April 18, 2024

   Rain, rain, go away... the tennis team wants to play! April has been full of rain so far, and this has significantly affected the teams schedule of matches and practices. However, the team currently has a 6-2 record, with wins against Elkton, Joppatowne,...

Love Is Blind season six airs; Fresh season brings new drama
Mackenzie Scott, Op/Ed Editor • March 21, 2024

Love Is Blind season six was aired on Valentine’s Day of this year, offering viewers a look at another group of singles from Charlotte, North...

Dr. Kim butchers faces; Seeking out anonymous plastic surgeon
BROOKELYN PRIEBE, Reporter • March 21, 2024

        An anonymous plastic surgeon known as Dr. Kim has recently gone viral on TikTok with 239.2k followers for his so-called “face...

Orchestra students come together;
Lila Parry, Reporter • March 19, 2024

 Elementary, middle school, and high school orchestra students came together to put on a performance and get conducted by their future orchestra...

Prioritizing personal politics over real problems
Lily Corcoran, Copy Editor • April 18, 2024

 Sometimes I wonder if the HCPS Board of Education actually, like, cares about the school system they’re in charge of.       Don’t...

FFA’s Food for America;
KENDALL WALTER, Reporter • April 18, 2024

On Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26, North Harfords will be hosting “Food for America Day.” Around 11,000 second graders from eight...

HCPS proposes new, adjusted policies for flag display, cell phones, controversial issues; public comment welcome
Lexi Gott, News Editor • March 21, 2024

The Harford County Board of Education has proposed three policies which were recently open for public comment. The policies include such topics...

Freshmen Breaking out of shells
STELLA MANNS, Sports Editor • September 28, 2023

Secretaries try for Family Friendly School Award
KENDALL WALTER, Reporter • September 26, 2023

   The North Harford secretaries recently shared they collectively have a goal that they want to achieve, the Family Friendly School Award. (1)...

Sustaining yourself in apocalyptic supermarkets;
KENDALL WALTER, Reporter • April 18, 2024

 Something bad has happened: the apocalypse, doomsday, etc. No matter what it is, the only options are the grocery store, the car wash across...

Alabama reproductive laws sparks conversation;
Lexi Gott, News Editor • March 21, 2024

 IVF treatments are a procedure which allows fertility for parents who may be struggling beginning a family. Overall, the treatment is intended...

Weight loss medication more harm than good;
KENDALL WALTER, Reporter • March 21, 2024

The push of weight loss pills. The reveal of Oprah Winfrey's use of Ozempic to help her weight loss: These are two recent developments that have...