Sleeping during class, high school struggles

Samuel Sgambelluri, Reporter

June 13, 2019

    When we were little kids (before we were all grown up and boring), we absolutely hated sleep. All we wanted to do was run around outside, scream and yell. Going to bed before nine seemed like a chore.    Fast fo...

Kids’ stress rising, GPA scores declining

June 13, 2019

    Imagine this: You do all your homework, every night, every day of the year. You get 100’s on every classwork and every homework. Then, just when you think you’re going home to see that big smile on your parents’ fa...

In living color : Fostering a love of life

Julia Foster, Reporter

May 21, 2019

My life is a coloring book. Each page is unique and bold, unparalleled to the next.  This moment is my favorite page. Overwhelmed with opportunity to use colors others wouldn’t dare, I spread myself across the paper. ...

Banding together to make a difference; Student voices carry impact

January 24, 2019

It’s hard to avoid the difficult parts of life. Bad relationships, sudden death, school shootings, budget cuts. As teenagers growing up in the 21st century, we’re surrounded by things seemingly beyond our control. After all w...

Palm oil plagues many products Humanity’s addiction could wipe out own species

January 24, 2019

Many of the products we purchase while grocery shopping, from ice cream to shampoo, are very likely to contain the ingredient of palm oil. This oil is extracted from the fruit of oil palms native to Africa.  Humankind’s...

Showcase sportsmanship by student athletes

January 24, 2019

It’s a Friday night. The Bel Air, C. Milton Wright and North Harford swim meet is going smoothly. Then, all of a sudden, the meet stops. The head official buzzes his starter over and over, getting the swimmers in the current hea...

Verizon’s fee on Remind; Cutting student to teacher communication

January 24, 2019

As a student, keeping in touch with teachers is one of the best ways to stay on top of your school work.  The app Remind was introduced to schools all around a few years back allowing that kind of communication to be possible...

One man’s failure is the same man’s success

Alison Grafton, Health and Science Editor

January 24, 2019

You probably have heard the common piece of advice, “failure is not an option.” This advice was given by Gene Kranz, who gave this advice as a flight director of NASA. However, since most people will not be working on a once i...