Self-driving cars; Perfect future could be perfect disaster

ABBEY KROENER, Sports Editor

January 3, 2020

  Self driving car technology is just getting started but it is becoming more common and could change the world as we know it.  Our transportation system wouldn’t be the only thing that would change; society and economics w...

Need for athletic trainers in high schools


January 3, 2020

 Athletes are mentally and physically determined to participate in their sport. They are always trying to get as much playing time as possible and play to their best ability. Schools say the safety of their students is the number...

Gone but not forgotten; Memories of closed stores carry on

January 3, 2020

VIEWPOINT The last few years have brought about new changes for Bel Air, with the closing of Toys ’R Us, HHGregg, and the announced closing of Sears. The new companies who are taking up residency in the shells the former...

Easy road is not always smooth sailing

Hannah Krizek, op/ed editor

January 3, 2020

  We all have those “huh” moments in life, right? Where, at first thought, what appears to be the easy road out can turn into a long trip.      In that split-second moment, where your mind is spinning in circles and y...

Pushing off pressure; students need options beyond college

ADDY DEAN, Reporter

January 3, 2020

 From the time students are in middle school they’ve already been bombarded by overwhelming thoughts of college and what career field they want to pursue in the future.         What you’re going to do in the future to support y...

PDA: Too hot to handle

Evan Kuzemchak, Social Media Coordinator

January 3, 2020

Throughout my two years of high school, I have noticed the hallways are more like highways; fast-paced with smattering of interesting scenery on occasion. However, lately, there’s been a few distractions and I’m not talking a fender ...

Color blind casting necessary for playwrights

JAKE GAY, Reporter

January 3, 2020

       Interest in Broadway and theater is back on the rise with plays and musicals including Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Beetlejuice and To Kill a MockingBird  bringing in unprecedented amounts of money and people into the...

Why shave? Ads popularize shaving in 1900s pop culture

Hailey Deares, Reporter

January 3, 2020

According to, about 88 percent of women remove at least some of their body hair. Women are told from a young age to shave, beginning in middle school when moms buy their daughters their first razors and help the...

Hidden histories: things literature (and curriculum) leave behind


January 3, 2020

With the release of the film Harriet, the story of Harriet Tubman, much was brought to light about her life that we were blind to before. For instance, Harriet Tubman’s real name was not actually Harriet; she took on her mother...