Drama during surgeries; Greys Anatomy show brings out emotions

Caitlyn Allen, News editor

May 28, 2020

If you like prime-time soap operas with tons of drama but still relate to the outside world, this is the show for you. However, if you don’t have much free-time, this is not the show for you. It is very binge worthy and sin...

Witches worth watching: Casting spell on viewers


May 3, 2020

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an American supernatural series on Netflix based on the Archie comic book series under the same name. The series revolves around teenager Sabrina Spellman, a half mortal, half witch, portrayed by Kie...

The Black Parade isn’t dead: My Chemical Romance’s return

Lilli Greco, Reporter

May 1, 2020

     March 22, 2013 was the official breakup of American Rock band My Chemical Romance. And for six years, the band was six feet under, with only rumors of a revival spread around by fans as a last resort. So when a reunion...

Football scoring views; All American on the rise

April 28, 2020

Football scoring views All American on the rise EMILY GREEN Video Editor All American is a drama filled series based on the talented high school football player Spencer James. The show focuses on real life obstacles f...

Hamilton movie announced: future of musical adaptations


April 1, 2020

 Hamilton, an American musical-biography for its namesake written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, hit the media hard in 2016. Ticket prices shot up to sky-high levels, (currently, tickets range from $270 to $310, with some premium seatin...

Romance drama leaves fans buzzing about Pilot Pete


April 1, 2020

     Concluding season 24 of the Bachelor, starring Peter Weber as the bachelor, “multiple fans are left upset” from the “messy ending” according to junior Ashley Worden. The reality and romance television show wrap...

Floral design students tackle wide variety of projects

ADDY DEAN , Reporter

April 1, 2020

    Floral design isn’t just a class where you play with flowers and learn about different kinds of plants. According to floral design teacher Erika Edwards “they’re always busy doing something.”       Floral design students say the cou...

Students weigh in on what Lent means to them

April 1, 2020

Rachel Freeland, senior “Lent is a chance for me to challenge myself to try and give up something I do every day.  I do Lent because it is a part of my religion.  I gave up junk food because I want to try and eat better and ...

Don’t stress, just progress


April 1, 2020

   From hoodies to shirts, a new movement known as Progressors 1000 is taking the world by storm as it seeks representation for the arts and those involved who wouldn’t always get it otherwise      The Progressors provide people wit...

Hawks defying gravity; students go to Hippodrome


April 1, 2020

    On February 13 advanced drama and chorus students took a trip to the Hippodrome to see the 2004 best musical nominee Wicked. For many this was their first Broadway show and for others the trip was their first time going to the infamo...