Howling with excitement about Great Wolf Lodge; Fun for families coming soon


       Great Wolf Lodge is a waterpark resort that also holds activities such as arcades, obstacle courses, zipline courses, and more, depending on location. A new Great Wolf Lodge is soon opening in our area. 

     “Great Wolf Lodge in Perryville, MD, will open on August 1, 2023. It is the 20th lodge to join the Great Wolf Lodge water park resort family,” states the Great Wolf Lodge website. 

     The website goes on to mention how, “Mid-Atlantic families will have something fun to howl about in 2023 as Great Wolf Lodge, North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts, recently broke ground on its newest resort in Perryville, Maryland.” 

     “Great Wolf Lodge Maryland will become our 20th resort in North America, and our largest! With 700 family-friendly suites and a 126,000-square-foot indoor water park, this expansive space will have something for everyone,” the website states. 

     The plans for this water park have been in motion for about two years. “After being slightly delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company broke ground on the site a little over a year ago and is slated to be complete in the upcoming months before being officially open for business on August 1,” explained an article on USA Today. 

     The article reports that  “the waterpark will feature 22 water slides, including two brand new ones, that can be seen twisting from outside the confines of the building, with something to appeal to every age.”

     This location features “in addition to the waterpark, there is an adventure park with even more activities for families to enjoy including bowling, ropes courses, mini golf, a mirror maze and an arcade,”  mentions USA Today. 

     The source mentions, “those familiar with Great Wolf Lodge already may remember the ‘Magiquest’ interactive journey designed for families to partake in. Along with the improvements of the new waterpark come more complex storylines and ‘enchanted forest-esque’ interior designs for guests to immerse themselves into.” The website continues that “Perryville’s Great Wolf Lodge will feature a 700-room resort with suite options to suit parties up to 12 people.” 

     USA Today explains how “the all-in-one staycation destination will feature plenty of dining options for the whole family including a Dunkin Donuts, a buffet-style campfire restaurant with options ranging from hamburgers to Tex-Mex and an upscale dining restaurant.” 

     Freshman Brooke Fitch has already heard news about the new Great Wolf Lodge being built in Perryville. Fitch has been to one before, as recently as “last January, and it was in West Virginia.” She mentions how “all ages” are appropriate to go to water parks, and that she would go to this new one with “people that [she] like[s]”. Fitch states that this new Great Wolf Lodge will be popular. 

     Come in and enjoy the experience of Great Wolf Lodge’s newest experience in Perryville, MD, open on August 1 to the public.