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Boeing’s graveyard claims another victim

DOJ forced to take action amid conspiracy

 In 2018 and 2019, two Boeing 737 Max commercial airplanes crashed, tragically killing 347 people combined. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)  reported the cause as a failure of Boeing. Now, the Boeing whistleblower John Barrnet is dead as a result of “a self-inflicted wound.”

     The fallout of the combined crashes resulted in no arrests; rather, Boeing had to pay 2.5 billion for “the misleading statements, half-truths, and omissions communicated by Boeing employees to the FAA impeded the government’s ability to ensure the safety of the flying public,” said U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox for the Northern District of Texas. 

     Per, Boeing is 100% responsible for what its employees do and how they manufacture their planes. It is clear Boeing does not have proper safety inspections, even now after the crashes. 

    Come January of this year, a door flew off its hinges as four key bolts were not fitted properly, per FAA investigation mid-flight, and if it had not been for those two seats being empty from a missed flight, two more fatalities could be added to the list as a result of Boeing’s negligence.

     The FAA did audits of their facilities after this catastrophe, and they failed 37% of tests, per Barrnet worked for Boeing for 32 years, retiring in 2017 he became their most prolific whistleblower, stating they have tried to ruin his life multiple times.

    Barnett was in the midst of a legal battle with them as he was giving his testimony in March, and on the final day, he did not show up. Later, he was found in his hotel parking lot, dead from “self-inflicted wounds.”  This is odd, considering he had no past with poor mental health, and he has stated in multiple interviews he would never harm himself in any way. It really gives you something to think about: Did he really commit suicide, or is it a cover up? Why would he do it in the car? 

     The evidence points to a homicide; if you ask me, it is clear that Barrnet had information that could bring down the company, and they most likely wanted to stop him while he was ahead. The company needs to be held responsible for its inept employees; they are not taking proper safety measures; it is dangerous and disgusting. John Barrnet did not kill himself.

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