Day of the Dead festival; Spanish Club kicks off first meeting


 The Spanish club had their first meeting of the year on October 4. Their first meeting was a celebration of the Day of the Dead, anyone that takes a Spanish class was able to celebrate. The meeting was held in Mrs. Rake’s room number D306. The club was held from 2:00 to 2:45 after school.

     The Day of the Dead is a holiday that takes place on November 1 and 2. October 21 and November 6 may also be included in the holiday depending on where you are celebrating. 

    Day of the dead traditions usually include food and flowers, prayers, and story telling about those who have passed on. The Day of the Dead came from a traditional Mesoamerican celebration in southern Mexico. It was meant to guide spirits of dead loved ones into the afterlife.

     During the meeting there was Mexican candy, Mexican sodas, and chips and salsa for the members to enjoy while painting skulls. They were able to paint in bright and exciting colors to honor the Day of the Dead. Music was also being played for the members to enjoy during activities.

     The next Spanish club meeting will be held sometime during the second quarter. There is a Spanish club event once every quarter that members are able to attend.  The events usually last 45 minutes to an hour after school. Students will need a ride home or they will be able to leave and go to their sport practice.

     Spanish club is a great way to get involved in school as an extracurricular activity. It is an opportunity to socialize with peers that are also taking Spanish. You are able  to hang out with friends and learn about the culture.

     Junior Kaley Mullhausen said “The best part of Spanish club is learning about the culture and doing fun activities. If I am able to go to another meeting I definitely will.” 

     “It is a great way to get involved in the school,” Mullhausen said. “It is something the people may not know about but it is a good way to get involved. It is a fun place to hang out with friends and do something together.”

     Junior Kendall Fortune said she thinks Spanish Club is a great way to get involved in the school. “You are taking an in-school class and further connecting it with it outside of school.” She adds. “[You get] to meet new people outside of your class that understand the course you are taking. I will definitely be attending future events in the Spanish club! The events are a great way to have a fun time and learn more about Spanish culture.”