Christmas tree farm brings joy to families; Local businesses creates roots in community


 There are at least nine tree farms in Harford County according to Many nurseries open in late November to start selling the trees for Christmas. Jarrettsville Nurseries Christmas Farm opened on November 26 and they are open until they run out of merchandise.

    Senior Elle Saulsbury and her family own the Jarrettsville Nurseries Christmas farm, which has been passed down through her family. She has been working on the farm since she was 13 years old.

     Saulsbury said, “I think it’s extremely cool [to own the farm].  I believe it started off with my great grandfather’s livestock farm. Then my grandfather turned it into a Christmas tree farm. Eventually my father took it over, and since he passed my brother and mother run it.” She also said “The fact that it has stayed in the family all these years is super neat.”

     Saulsbury said, “In the past it had only been open during Christmas time, but this most recent year we tested out sunflower fields you can go to, and eventually add on.”

     According to junior Reilly Holmstrum, “The tree farm is a great place for me to work. I really like interacting with the customers. It is always so cute to see little kids excited to pick out their Christmas tree with their parents.” 

     Junior Sophia Redding said, “In the first weekend we sold over 2,000 trees. I know we are low on trees. We just sold so many in the first three days of being open.” Holmstrum and Redding have worked on the farm together for 3 years together and Holmstrum has worked at the farm one year previously to Redding.

     Redding said “We are going to try to stay open as long as possible but obviously we do not want to oversell trees.” She also said “I really enjoy working at the tree farm, I mean it gets cold but it is a lot of fun and I enjoy working with my friends.” 

     Holmstrun said, “I like to work the cash register. A lot of the other jobs you get cold being outside but I really enjoy staying inside and interacting with the customers. I also enjoy seeing kids’ faces when they get the Christamas tree they wanted, they always look so happy and excited.”

     Saulsbury said, “It definitely does get stressful at times, but it’s all worth it. You get to see so much spirit and happiness around the farm during the Christmas season, it makes it hard to be stressed when in that atmosphere.”

     Saulsbury also added, “ While it does get stressful right before we open, it mostly goes away after the first weekend open.”