School decorations for new year; New flags flying in parking lot

Reese Showalter, Sports Editor

 At the start of the school year, NHHS principal Mr. Bryan Pawlicki  bought new school decorations. He bought new flags that are being flown outside of the school entrances. 

      The banners consist of the school logo, the hawk, and “GO HAWKS!” written in big letters down the middle with a green background.

      NH Helps, a parent organization created by Mrs. Jennifer Chandler on Facebook, decorated the entrances to the school for homecoming as well.

     Senior Noa Blanken said, “I think it is super cool and nice that Mr. Pawlicki would do something like that for our school. I really like it.”

     Usually, at the start of school, the decorations are outside but due to weather this year, the school decided to decorate inside near the cafeteria and the atrium.

     According to Chandler, there was conversation about the out continuing to decorate inside instead of decorating the outside. A lot of students enjoyed the decorations being inside instead of the usual decorations that are outside. 

     The homecoming decorations consisted of balloon arches, signs, banners, streamers, and more. Almost all the decorations were green and gold adding to the excitement of the homecoming game.

     Senior Piper Wright said, “It was definitely a surprise to see during spirit week. I really liked that the school did it though, it just added more leading up to homecoming.”

     Wright added, “a lot of students liked the decorations on the inside. When they were outside we barely saw them but since they were inside and in ‘popular’ places, a lot of students saw them and it added to spirit week.”

     Senior Reilly Holmstrom agreed with Wright. “Spirit week is always a lot of fun. I enjoy the week in general. It was really nice to see the school decorated as well. It just added to the fun of the week.”

     Blanken said, “It was really cool to come in and see the new flags, it added to the school spirit. It is really awesome.”

     She also said, “I love the new flags.  I first saw them when I was coming up for the open house. They make me feel so welcome and at home.”

     Holmstrom said, “I saw the flags on the first day of school. I really like how they look. I think it makes students feel welcome. I also really like that there is a flag by the bus ramp and the parking lot so all students get to see them.”