Power in protest, making your voice heard; How you have influence in political matters

Power in protest, making your voice heard; How you have influence in political matters

     Many people may be aware of recent budget cuts that were proposed for Harford County Public Schools. According to The Baltimore Sun Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly announced his fiscal year 2024 proposed budget last week, which included a $39 million reduction in the Harford County Public Schools’ proposed operating budget.” According to CBS News, The proposal reduces the school district’s budget by $19.4 million.”  Students, teachers, and the community are rightfully angry by this development. 

     According to hcps.org, “This is the equivalent of reducing spending by $1,000 per student.” According to HCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean Bulson, “[Cassilly] is pandering to a conservative political base, one that doesn’t believe a quality education is critical to the success of a greater community.” He continues by saying, “This deplorable budget is the worst-case scenario for our children.” He adds, “Using a one-time opportunity to not just flat fund us but to reduce our funding by $19 million is really, really damaging.”

     People in Harford County have decided to take matters into their own hands. The Harford County Education Association held a rally that will occur on May 4, and are planning to meet at the HCPS central office and march to the council chambers together for the hearing. 

     Some students may not see how this could be affecting them,  but they must realize that this would make many students lose electives and opportunities that previous school years got because of this. The education of HCPS students should matter, and that will not happen with these unacceptable budget cuts. 

     This march could be remarkably effective, as it shows how many passionate people want to stand up for our schools and will not stand up for another budget crisis. According to Atlantic.com, Protests work because they direct attention toward an injustice and can change people’s minds.” Students who do not think their voices can be heard would be very wrong. There are other ways community members can express their frustration with these budget cuts as well. Using the QR code below, anyone can email the County Council and “demand the County Executive amend his budget,” according to the Harford County Education Association. 

     This ideology of making your voice heard through protest, email, speeches, or sharing it on social media to make others more aware may seem like a small thing that will not get anywhere, but the power of spreading information and making it known to everyone whom it will be affecting is immensely powerful. 

     Students may feel like politicians may not listen to them, and that their voices will not be heard but persistent and passionate students, teachers, and parents standing up for this matter can make a huge change that some may never see if they do not decide to help the cause, too.