Tomlinson touring North America; Accepting, comforting environment during concert

Tomlinson updates his instagram after he performs.
The North American tour took place through the month of  March.


Tomlinson updates his instagram after he performs. The North American tour took place through the month of March.


     Louis Tomlinson, former member of the boy band One Direction, kicked off his North American tour on February 1 and his last show will be on March 12. In total there were 26 shows, 20 of these shows were sold out.

    There were many delays and concerts that were rescheduled due to Covid. At the shows, there were Covid precautions including masks, vaccine cards, and negative test results within 48 hours.

     Tomlinson previously had a world tour in 2021 following his debut album ‘Walls.’ This was originally planned for 2020 but due to the Covid outbreak it was pushed back to 2021. 

     On twitter Tomlinson said, “This tour has been unbelievable. Can’t believe there’s only 3 shows left of this run! I feel all your support!”

     The North American Tour will be his third for the album. The world, The United Kingdom and Europe, and the North American tours are the three that have taken place so far. The North American is taking place this year, and these are the only three that he has done for his debut solo album so far.

     Junior Brynn Hoffman and Tatiana Gonzalez, seniors Summer Grace and Julia Harris went to Tomlinson’s concert  in Washington D.C. The show took place in the music venue ‘The Anthem.’

     Hoffman said, “My experience was amazing. The staff working made the experience so smooth, Louis is an amazing performer and the opening band ‘sun room’ was so good.” Hoffman added, “The concert was so fun, I went with three other friends, Tati, Summer, and Julia and they made the concert so amazing.”

     Junior Tatiana Gonzalez said, “My favorite moment was probably during his song ‘Only the Brave.’ During that song, everyone held up their pride flags and sang and it was really beautiful.”

     Hoffman said, “My favorite moments were when I was making friends in the pit while ‘Through the Dark’ was playing and meeting Louis after the show on his tour bus. The experience was very fun, my friends and I drove to DC right after school so we could stand in line in order to get a good spot in the pit”

     Senior Julia Harris said, “My favorite moment was after the concert because I had been walking to the car when Louis’ tour bus was driving by and he was able to talk to both me and my friends because of the traffic 

     Gonzalez said, “The experience was amazing, everyone there was so accepting and kind and the environment was so comfortable to be in. It was my first concert so it felt unreal and I was honestly really nervous about it but I had so much fun and would do it again in a heartbeat.”