Thirteen-year wait too long for second movie; Avatar 2 being released after years of waiting

 Behind-the-scenes water shot for upcoming movie. A new underwater world will be featured in Avatar 2.

Behind-the-scenes water shot for upcoming movie. A new underwater world will be featured in Avatar 2.

Neah shaw, Reporter

 The movie Avatar came out on December 19, 2009. The movie had gross revenue of $2.847 billion and won awards for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and more.  

     Thirteen years later,  a second part of the movie called Avatar: The Way of Water is set to release on December 12 in 2022. News about the release date being pushed back is circulating through the internet so right now everything is up in the air.  

   The movie will have original main characters, Zoe Saldana, as Neytiri and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, an Avatar and Marine veteran. New creatures, scenery, and cast will be presented in this estimated $250 million dollar movie.  

  The trailers for the movie have come out on YouTube and people are already dissecting every bit and piece of it. The two trailers that out now have a combined total of about 29 million views. With all the anticipation for the sequel, will it be able to satisfy expectations? It is going up against one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, after all. 

     When asked about her thoughts on the new sci-fi movie, freshman Meera Patel stated that it looked “pretty exciting.” Patel, “watched the first [movie] a while ago,” so she can’t remember a lot of details. Even with the original film being a little foggy in her memory, she believes the new movie won’t be able to live up to the first one. Patel can’t imagine how the storyline will go for this new production. Lastly, when asked if there should even be the second movie in the first place, she stayed neutral about the topic, unlike some.  

     11th grader Haley Farren states that “the movie should not have been made because it will probably be a letdown.” To sum it up, Farren thinks that movies that do well should not be remade because the expectation is too high, and it falls flat most of the time. When asked about her thoughts on the trailer, she said “it looked ok, but it felt like it’s going to have a similar plot as the first one. I don’t want the same thing done twice.”   

      Unlike other movies, the trailer seems more closed off about releasing too many details. This suspense could be a positive lure or a turnoff.  The movie will be part of Netflix’s new catalog when released, and until then, there is no news about the movie being released to theaters yet. But as time goes on, details about the release may change.