Leah Arthur joins cheer team; Asset to junior varsity cheer team


Donna Kropkowski

Leah Arthur’s makes her cheer debut, Hawks football beats Perryville 14-6


 “Leah Arthur is such a positive and outgoing person, she brings so much to our cheer team. She is the sweetest human ever.” said Maddie Rutch, junior.

     Arthur joined the cheer team this year. She is currently a junior and this is her first year on the team. Arthur has always been very involved in school and was very into school spirit. She joined the sideline cheer team this year as another way to be involved in the school. The cheer team has both a varsity team which is considered the competition team and the JV (junior varsity) team is the sideline cheer team. 

     Arthur is on the sideline team this year. She will be cheering on football in the fall and Basketball in the winter. The cheer team will cheer at all five of the varsity home games. The last game they will cheer at is the game against Aberdeen high school on October 15.   

     “She will participate as much as she can during practice. When she can’t she sits and watches us and at the end of the practice she will come over and give us notes on what we can make better and things we can change.” Kaylyn Shew, senior said. Shew also said “she is so sweet. She always talks to me during practice, I think she talks to me the most. She always has something nice to talk to me about. She is such a positive person.”

     Rutch said she brought a lot of positivity to the team after joining. A lot of the time cheer practice can be very stressful. With upcoming games and for the competition team upcoming competitions and having the routine perfected causes a lot of stress. “She always knows how to make the team laugh and put a smile on our faces,” said Shew. 

     Both Rutch and Shew said that she was an asset to the team and always brings new ideas and new ways to make the practice more fun and enjoyable. “She’s always trying to make practice more fun. We love to hear her critiques and new ideas.”

     Arthur has always had a positive outlook on everything. This brought a lot to the team. Positivity is so important in playing a sport. No matter if it is cheering, or any other sport having players on your team is such an important thing to have on a team. Arthur is such an asset to her team because of her positive outlook on being on the team. 

     “The cheer team has gained an amazing athlete this year. We are all hoping that she will join us again next year. She is such an amazing person and I love to spend time with her at practice.” said Rutch