Field hockey positive outlooks on season; Tough losses to start season


Rachael Sims

The Hawks defense lines up for a penalty corner against North East. Pictured from left to right, Greer Strine (‘22), Reilly Holmstrom (‘23), Kendall Fortune (‘23), Bella Southard (‘23), and Grace Underwood (‘23).


     The varsity field hockey team started their season with a tough loss against Hereford by a score of zero to one. Then they took the win against Catonsville and their third game of the season lost to Liberty High School. This season the team will play 15 games, eight home games, and seven away games.

     Carla Harward, the head coach of the varsity team stated in the Aegis “With missing an entire season, we are fielding a young team with very little varsity experience; however, some of our young players are very skilled and eager to learn.” Harward also said “Our season will be determined by how well the team works together, and how our defense rises to the challenges of our competitive schedule. 

     Harward said that the team has a very hard schedule this year but she is happy with the group of girls this season. “A hard schedule is good for learning and growing and getting better throughout the season.”

     Kendall Fortune, junior said “I am super hopeful and confident for our upcoming season. Our team is super positive, supportive, and hard-working so I am looking forward to what we can accomplish.” Fortune has played on the varsity team since her freshman year.

     Some games the players are looking forward to are Fallston, C. Milton Wright, John Carroll, and Bel Air. Julia Blondell, junior said “it’s not always the rival position that motivates me to play. In terms of gameplay and technique, both of the squads [John Carroll and Bel Air] are really good. I’m really looking forward to see[ing] how we do when we play them.” Sophomore Bailey Smith said she was most excited for the JV team to play Fallston and Bel Air as well.

     After not having a season last year there was both excitement and nervousness going into the new season. “I was a little worried going into this season that my skills weren’t where they were two years ago. But once I saw all my teammates, I completely forgot about it and concentrated on team bonding and hard work,” says Blondell. This is Blondell’s first year on Varsity.

     The JV (junior varsity) field Hockey team started their season with a loss against Hereford. For their second game they took the win against Liberty High School.

     JV assistant coach Rebecca Smith said “pre-season was a little crazy, with getting our squad solidified. We had a scrimmage early against Manchester Valley, that showed us where we needed to focus during practice.” She also said that the JV team “Improvement in the girls game is evident with each game. We have some girls new to the sport and to watch them learn and grow is exciting.

      Bailey said coming back after a year she was nervous and scared she was going to be rusty. She said she still isn’t sure if she has gained back the confidence of playing yet. Bailey also said it “feels great, I feel we will grow as a team and get better!”

     “It feels so good to be back with my teammates and play an actual high school season this year,” says Fortune.